How to install Inspire IRCd

InspIRCd is a modular Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server written in C++ for Linux, BSD, Windows and Mac OS X systems which was created from scratch to be stable, modern and lightweight. As InspIRCd is one of the few IRC servers written from scratch, it avoids a number of design flaws… Continue reading

How to install Unreal IRCD with Anope Services

This explains in a few easy steps how to install UnrealIRCD with Anope on Linux machine. Debian: sudo apt-get install make gcc build-essential openssl libcurl4-openssl-dev zlib1g zlib1g-dev zlibc libgcrypt11 libgcrypt11-dev First you need to have a shell with us, or local shell and then, wget (Download) a file with this command. wget –no-check-certificate Then… Continue reading

How to install IRCU + GNU World? Cum sa instalezi ircu si gnuworld (server mIRC)?

Now we start to install ircu linux:/root# su – gnuworld linux:/gnuworld# wget linux:/gnuworld# tar -zxvf ircu2.10.12.14.tar.gz linux:/gnuworld# cd ircu2.10.12.14 linux:/gnuworld/ircu2.10.12.14# ./configure linux:/gnuworld/ircu2.10.12.14# make linux:/gnuworld/ircu2.10.12.14# make install linux:/gnuworld/ircu2.10.12.14# cd .. linux:/gnuworld/lib# cd lib linux:/gnuworld/lib# wget linux:/gnuworld/lib# wget linux:/gnuworld/lib# cd .. linux:/gnuworld# cd bin linux:/gnuworld/bin# ./ircd linux:/gnuworld# exit NOW… Continue reading