Dummies Guide To Adding Users

NOTE: Read this from beginning to end. There will be a test! Contents ~~~~~~~~ Section 1: Initial Setup Section 2: Your Very First Add Section 2: Adding General Users Section 3: Deleting Users Section 4: Adding A Host Section 5: Deleting A Host =========================================================================== Section 1: Initial Setup ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Starting… Continue reading

How to compile EnergyMech

If you chose one of the binary install packages, skip this stage as you already have an executable to run. To be able to compile, you first have to run the configure script. The configure script will check for all the programs that is needed to compile the mech and also ask… Continue reading

How to install EnergyMech

How to install EnergyMech IRC bot The examples in this text shows how things can look when you install your EnergyMech. UNIX shells can differ alot nowadays. There will be atleast small differences between the sample outputs on this page and how it looks on your own shell. Also note that this… Continue reading