shroudBNC is a modular IRC proxy written in C++. It is capable of proxying IRC connections for multiple users. Using TCL scripts it can be extended.

Among its features you can find a user-friendly web interface (written in TCL and PHP) which allows you to easily create and manage your users. Some screenshots are also available.

A variety of operating systems are currently supported: Linux and FreeBSD (and possibly other variations of BSD).

Features (summary)

  • support for TCL scripts and partial emulation of eggdrop commands
  • web interface (which can easily be customized)
  • SSL support for both IRC and client connections; including support for client-certificates (and thus public key/passwordless authentication)
  • built-in flood protection (so you do not get “excess flood” errors)
  • module support (c++ shared libraries)
  • asynchronous dns resolving so the bouncer does not freeze while users reconnect
  • private messages are logged when users are not connected to the bouncer
  • support for IPv6
  • vhost.tcl: limit number of users per virtual host
  • virtual.tcl: adds “groups” and “virtual admins” who are able to create/manage users within their own group
  • lock.tcl: allows you to disable settings for specific users or globally
  • partyline.tcl: “internal” channels for bouncer users
  • and a lot more…


The following downloads are currently available:

shroudBNC 1.3

shroudBNC development (Git access)

If you plan to submit patches for shroudBNC you should use the Git repository.


Are you having problems with installing or running shroudBNC?

In case you have not found a solution in the README files which are contained in the shroudBNC .tar.gz you can try the following support methods:

  • Wiki: – Our wiki provides information about setting up shroudBNC and frequently asked questions.
  • IRC: #sbnc @ – There’s usually someone available at our IRC channel who can help you with your questions.
  • Bug Tracker

We offer a lot of support for shroudBNC – however you can also support us:

Donations will help me to keep working on this project.

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