How to install Inspire IRCd

InspIRCd is a modular Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server written in C++ for Linux, BSD, Windows and Mac OS X systems which was created from scratch to be stable, modern and lightweight. As InspIRCd is one of the few IRC servers written from scratch, it avoids a number of design flaws… Continue reading

shroudBNC IRC proxy

shroudBNC is a modular IRC proxy written in C++. It is capable of proxying IRC connections for multiple users. Using TCL scripts it can be extended. Among its features you can find a user-friendly web interface (written in TCL and PHP) which allows you to easily create and manage your… Continue reading

Flash IRC

Important Update from 12th January 2017 As mentioned by the Adobe support on the team has introduced another number of blocked server ports with the Flash Player version Unfortunately this includes ports 6665-6669. We recommend that you change the IRCd port to a number outside of this range and adjust… Continue reading

How to install Unreal IRCD with Anope Services

This explains in a few easy steps how to install UnrealIRCD with Anope on Linux machine. Debian: sudo apt-get install make gcc build-essential openssl libcurl4-openssl-dev zlib1g zlib1g-dev zlibc libgcrypt11 libgcrypt11-dev First you need to have a shell with us, or local shell and then, wget (Download) a file with this command. wget –no-check-certificate Then… Continue reading

How to install IRCU + GNU World? Cum sa instalezi ircu si gnuworld (server mIRC)?

Now we start to install ircu linux:/root# su – gnuworld linux:/gnuworld# wget linux:/gnuworld# tar -zxvf ircu2.10.12.14.tar.gz linux:/gnuworld# cd ircu2.10.12.14 linux:/gnuworld/ircu2.10.12.14# ./configure linux:/gnuworld/ircu2.10.12.14# make linux:/gnuworld/ircu2.10.12.14# make install linux:/gnuworld/ircu2.10.12.14# cd .. linux:/gnuworld/lib# cd lib linux:/gnuworld/lib# wget linux:/gnuworld/lib# wget linux:/gnuworld/lib# cd .. linux:/gnuworld# cd bin linux:/gnuworld/bin# ./ircd linux:/gnuworld# exit NOW… Continue reading

Installing miau

Introduction If INSTALL file (provided in all miau distributions) proved to be too difficult to comprehend or if you don’t feel too confident in installing miau, this guide is designed for you. This step-by-step guide shows you how to get, unpack, compile and install miau on most platforms. To get miau up and running, you need to Get the… Continue reading


Irssi installation instructions ——————————- To compile irssi you need: – glib-2.6 or greater – pkg-config – openssl (for ssl support) – perl-5.6 or greater (for perl support) – terminfo or ncurses (for text frontend) For most people, this should work just fine: ./ (for people who just cloned the repository)… Continue reading

Download psyBNC

psyBNC latest releases: psyBNC Version 2.3.2-7 [04.06.05] (Download) psyBNC Version 2.3.2-6 [03.06.05] (Download) psyBNC Version 2.3.2-5 [14.02.05] (Download) psyBNC Version 2.3.2-4 [24.06.04] (Download) psyBNC Version 2.3.1 [24.06.04] (Download) psyBNC Version 2.3 [29.09.01] (Download) psyBNC Version 2.2.2 [14.04.01] (Download) psyBNC Version 2.2.1 [28.10.00] (Download) psyBNC Version 2.2 [15.08.00] (Download) psyBNC Version… Continue reading


This program is useful for people who cannot be on irc all the time. Its used to keep a connection to irc and your irc client connected, or also allows to act as a normal bouncer by disconnecting from the irc server when the client disconnects. Being installed on a… Continue reading